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Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics

Module Overview

This module covers the whole value chain of silicon solar cells starting from quartz and finishes with the complete module.

Students will learn how silicon is produced from quartz and how this silicon is purified, crystallized and cut into wafers. Based on this knowledge, students will be able to develop new and optimized processing sequences and design concepts for silicon solar cells. Finally, students will learn how modules are produced from silicon solar cells and which aspects are particularly important to ensure a long module lifetime. The module contains a laboratory course “Solar Cell Processing” in Fraunhofer ISE labs in Freiburg during the final Campus Phase.

Module Content

Feedstock and Crystallization

This course gives an overview of the most relevant production techniques of crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells. Starting from quartz, purification strategies, crystallization and wafering techniques are presented and discussed.

Silicon Solar Cells – Structure and Analysis

This course will focus on the fabrication and analysis of crystalline silicon solar cells. The structure of standard industrial silicon solar cells and a rough overview of the production sequence will be discussed.

Solar Cell Production Technology

This course provides thorough understanding of current technical and economical implications. It is essential to understand the influence of processing techniques like e.g. diffusion, wet chemical processing, chemical vapor deposition, printing and laser techniques relevant for crystalline silicon solar cells as well as the associated costs.

Silicon Module Technology and Reliability

This course covers the basic processes of module production with a focus on cell interconnection and encapsulation. Students will also learn about the comprehensive requirements for outdoor operation and respective module qualification testing procedures.

Hands-on Solar Cell Processing - Laboratory Course

This seminar will teach the students how to conduct and protocol process optimization steps in a production environment. They are skilled to understand the underlying principles of the most relevant production techniques for solar cell fabrication. They are able to develop and execute complex experimental designs, interpret and present the results.

Module features

  • Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics
  • Starting date: mid-April each year
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Credits: 10 ECTS (~ 8-10 hours workload per week)
  • Prerequisites:

    • Bachelor in Engineering, Physics or any related field
    • Knowledge in semiconductor physics and semiconductor devices

  • Application deadline: April 1st each year
  • Course fee: 2500 € (discounts for students upon request)