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Solar Cell Characterization and Modelling

Module Overview

Understanding prototype solar cells is key to further development. This module provides practical as well as theoretical insights into common characterization techniques used for solar cell characterization. The module also provides an advanced understanding of multi-dimensional effects in solar cell and material characterization. Students will also learn how a simulation package for solar cell simulation works, by providing an insight into the numerical techniques to discretize the governing equations to describe solar cells. The module contains a laboratory course “Measurement Instrumentation” in Fraunhofer ISE labs in Freiburg during the final Campus Phase.

Module Content

Material and Solar Cell Characterization

This course gives an overview over the most important characterization tools used in material and solar cell characterization. Students gain the knowledge required for correct selection and use of the methods and have an understanding of the limits of different methods.

Hands-on Measurement Instrumentation

In this lab-course the students get the chance to use the main characterization techniques of solar cells. The main measurement systems as well as typical applications are used by the students in this course.

Numerical Simulation of Solar Cells

This course covers the governing equations that describe charge transport in solar cells. Students will learn the meaning of: the primary solution variables, derived quantities and main results of a solution of the governing equations. The students will also learn the difference between locally distributed models and time-dependent models; on application examples for solar cell design and analysis and PV system simulation.

Module features

  • Solar Cell Characterisation and Modelling
  • Starting date: mid-October each year
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Credits: 10 ECTS (~ 8-10 hours workload per week)
  • Prerequisites:

    • Bachelor in Engineering, Physics or any related field
    • Knowledge in semiconductor physics and solar cells

  • Application deadline: October 1st each year
  • Course fee: 2500 € (discounts for students upon request)