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Fraunhofer ISE

The courses are delivered as e-lectures, reading material, in online meetings, using example problems in exercise sheets. Most of your time you will study independently at home. At the end of the semester you travel to Freiburg, Germany, for three to five days for the voluntary Campus Phase which includes exams, meeting fellow students and lecturers and much more.

You may use the link to the learning platform to get an impression of the online study environment.


Our lecturers have condensed their expertise into short e-lectures optimized for online learning. A length of around 20 mins and focussing on a specific topic makes the e-lectures a great way to get initial insights and great motivation towards the concept behind the discussed topic.

Reading Material

A great collection of reading material is available for each module and course and for each topic within the program. Our lecturers have carefully selected the most relevant and educational developed books and journal publications to provide an optimal learning environment. References throughout the E-lectures make sure that you will study the most relevant parts.

Regular Online Meetings

Throughout one course you will have several chances to discuss with your lecturer and/or tutor about the reading materials, e-lectures as well as exercises and tests. These Online Meetings are scheduled such that all students from different time zones have a chance to attend and can also be scheduled individual with the lectures or tutors. If it happens that you are not able to attend, you can watch a recording of the meeting later.

Exercises, Tests, Discussion Forums

The learning environment also includes exercises, tests, case studies and discussion forums to support the learning experience and the learning success. Short quizzes and self assessments are also regularly used to strengthen the gained knowledge.