in scientific cooperation with

Fraunhofer ISE


Degree Program Overview

The MSc Solar Energy Engineering is a part-time distance learning program offering a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in solar energy engineering. Students will engage in the physics, technology and system design to gain expertise in solar energy engineering. The program allows students to advance their careers in industry companies, government or nonprofit organizations by providing a fundamental background in state-of-the-art and future solar energy engineering.

Advance your Career Perspectives in Solar Energy Engineering

Solar Energy is a globally growing market, which requires a workforce with strong technological and engineering background. By completing the MSc. degree, you will be able to develop, design and optimize solar energy systems with respect to efficiency, cost, lifetime and grid integration. This degree qualifies for positions in research and development, project or engineering management and technology assessment. The degree is also a jump-start for your career shift into the solar energy sector.

Online Continuing Education

The program is aiming at working professionals, who are ambitious to achieve a degree in solar energy while not interrupting their career path. Online e-lectures, downloadable scripts and reading material as well as evening or weekend online meetings suit the busy schedule of a full time employee. Voluntary one week campus phases at the end of each semester are the only on-site appointments during the program. For more information please see our study format.

Entry with Different Degrees or Background

The MSc Solar Energy Engineering is designed for people from all over the world with a vast variety in background and previous degrees. A broad range of previous degrees is eligible for the MSc program; Bachelor, Master and equivalent degrees are welcome. To ensure in-depth technological education as well as prospering students we require a technological background by education or profession. Graduates are eligible for PhD studies in the field of solar energy in Germany.


  • Gain proficiency and become an expert in solar energy engineering
  • Study part time and raise your skills on the job
  • Use E-learning tools to study from anywhere in the world
  • Graduate with a Master of Science degree
  • Degree awarded by University of Freiburg in scientific cooperation with Fraunhofer ISE
  • Study with leading experts in industry and research and development
  • Increase your assets for leading positions in R&D, sales or engineering management
  • Qualify for postgraduate studies towards a PhD in solar energy engineering
  • Take a career shift and move into the solar energy sector
  • Accredited by ACQUIN