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Fraunhofer ISE

Semester Schedule

The semester is split into two parts: Online Phase and Campus Phase. The Online Phase is focussing on e-lectures, reading materials, exercises, online meetings and discussion forums which support a succesful self-study. More information can be found in the study format.

Campus Phase

Each semester ends with the Campus Phase, where the students will come to Freiburg, Germany. In those 3 to 5 days students do seminar presentations, voluntary workshops, exams, hands-on training in laboratories of Fraunhofer ISE and University of Freiburg and opening lectures. The official program is combined with a social program, where company visits, industry talks as well as networking events are offered to enjoy the time within the solar community.


The duration of the program depends on your current degree. If you already hold a fitting master's degree or a 4-5 years Bachelor degree (e.g. in physics, electrical engineering or any similar field), it is possible to gain a MSc in Solar Energy Engineering in only 2 years part-time. Starting from a 3 years Bachelor‘s degree it is possible to achieve a Master‘s degree in only three years part-time studies.


The tuition fee consists of a semester fee and a credit point based fee. The average fee per semester is around 3800 €.

  • Semester fee: 500 € each semester
  • Course fee: 200 € per ECTS point (e.g. "Module A: The Global Energy Needs in a Nutshell" (5 ECTS) = 1000 €)
  • Project and thesis fee: 100 €  per ECTS point